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Vasa launches versatile wall-mounted Erg for XC ski training and more

Mon, Dec  9, 2013 - By Mike Muha

Getting outside to ski, either on snow or the road, can be a challenge, however, when busy schedules, limited daylight, or foul weather intervene.

To solve this dilemma, the folks at Vasa simply mounted their popular Ergometer on the wall. This configuration makes for a compact training tool that enables skiers of any ability to improve ski-specific power & endurance indoors.

As with every Vasa “Erg”, it provides an adjustable airflow resistance to deliver a smooth, realistic stroke throughout the ski poling range of motion, both single and double poling. The optional Power Meter accurately records Left to Right side power balance.

The skier may want to stand on a balance pad or platform to simulate instability. Face away from the Erg to do poling recovery, plus a host of other upper body moves. Add in a slide board to create a dynamic, indoor freestyle and classic ski training machine that’s reminiscent of something the great Bill Koch would have innovated 30 years ago.

Triathletes and paddlers may prefer to mount the Erg at floor level with the SpaceSaver bracket (shown below). Add a bench or seating option to use it very effectively for swim training or all paddle sports including SUP, Canoe, DragonBoat, & Kayak. To do ski poling with this low mounted option, kneel on a foam pad, which works OK, though not as well as the higher mounting location.

Vasa wall mount ergomter for cross country ski training

Changing from one sport to another involves switching handles or paddle shafts and also seating or bench options. For a multisport athlete (and how many Nordic skiers train only on skis or rollerskis), it’s got wonderful versatility.

In addition to sports specific training, one can perform many functional and rehab exercises. Vasa founder Rob Sleamaker sent lots of pre-release photos showing off the new products in action, exclusive to

Some of the photos below show a variety of sports-specific exercises available with the new Vasa SpaceSaver Erg (photo) and while standing on a SURFSET Fitness board:

The K1 freestanding bench works well for kayaking and canoe paddling. The Step 360PT and SURFSET Fitness surf board are unstable platforms for more realistic SUP paddling, plus a lot of other exercises while standing or kneeling.

Vasa wall mount ergomter for cross country ski training

The Vasa Erg for wall-mount is priced at $1,299 without Power Meter and $1,599 with Power Meter. Wall brackets are included. Shipping is extra.

Finally, Rob says Vasa will soon release a wireless power meter with ANT+ technology for the Erg. Users will be able to get their data out and upload to a PC, Mac, iPad, and to Training Peaks, TrainerRoad, etc. So stay tuned!

Vasa wall mount ergomter for cross country ski training

Vasa has been producing premium sports-specific trainers for more than 25 years. Countless swimmers, coaches, triathletes, paddlers and surfers have relied on the Vermont-based company’s dryland training devices, including the well-known Vasa Trainer. The Erg used for Nordic ski training brings the company full-circle back to its roots. In 1988, Vasa introduced its Nordic Trainer, which evolved into what is now the Vasa Trainer. Skiers still use it as a roller-board and multi-function training tool.

NOTE:the Vasa wall-mounted Erg will be listed on the Vasa website soon.

For now, be sure to call or email the company directly for more information or to order. 1-802-872-7101 or

Vasa wall mount ergomter for cross country ski training