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Kikkan Randall wins the sprint in Beitostoelen

World Cup: Beitostoelen

Sun, Nov  24, 2013 - By Mike Muha

Kikkan Randall wins the sprint in Beitostoelen. Video of the race:

The FIS reported that Kikkan Randall of the USA, and Sondra Turvoll Fossli of Norway have both won their respective free technique sprints in Beitostølen, Norway.  Fossli was the days fastest qualifier and easily moved through the heats to the final where he proved too strong for the rest of the field.  Finn Hågen Krogh crossed the line in second place just ahead of teammate Eirik Brandsdal for third.  

Randall made a strong move on the major climb on the course to move into the lead and held it all the way to the finish line ahead of a pair of Slovenian skiers Vesna Fabjan (2nd) and Katja Visnar (3rd).  The fastest qualifier of the day Celine Brun-Lie fell in the finals but managed to still cross the line in 5th.

Ladies' top 6:

1. RANDALL Kikkan USA 2:13.91
2. FABJAN Vesna SLO +0.8
3. VISNAR Katja SLO +2.3
4. BJØRGEN Marit NOR +3.2
5. BRUN-LIE Celine NOR +3.8
6. ØSTBERG Ingvild Flugstad NOR +4.1

Complete ladies' results available HERE.

Men's top 6:

1. FOSSLI Sondre Turvoll NOR 2:27.89 
2. KROGH Finn Hågen NOR +0.1
3. BRANDSDAL Eirik NOR +1.0
4. PETTERSEN Øystein NOR +1.5
5. EISENLAUER Sebastian GER +4.4
6. NEWELL Andrew USA +4.6

Complete men's results available HERE.