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Chippewa Nature Center needs new tracks

Tue, Nov  19, 2013 - By Curt Holsinger

Hey Fellow Skiers and Outdoor Enthusiasts,

The Chippewa Nature Center, in Midland, is a non-profit agency that has a mission statement of inspiring people and institutions to protect the natural world by facilitating the enjoyment and understanding of our outdoor resources. One of the ways we do that is to groom and maintain ski trails that are free and open to the public. We groom and set track on 7 of our 15 miles of trails.Chippewa Nature Center ski trail map

Trail map. Click to enlarge.

Our Problem:

Currently our grooming equipment, a Kubota RTV fitted with LiteFoot Tracks, is in need of some lovin'. The tracks we run on it are essentially worn out and the cost to replace them is more than we as a nonprofit can afford. We are currently looking at getting the LiteFoot "EZ UR" model, which will run us around $4,000.

Does anyone know of
A: Any grants available to help us?
B: Any groups willing and able to help fund the maintenance?
C: Any individuals willing and able to help fund the maintenance?

Any other thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!

We would really like to be able to continue this grooming program. Over the last few years we have worked hard at improving our land, trails and our grooming. In doing so, we have gotten some great feedback from visitors about the skiing and the enjoyment of seeing wildlife out here. It is really important to us to give opportunities for people to enjoy the outdoors in winter.
Thank you for your time and your help!

Curt Holsinger

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