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King Vasa Fatbike Race added to Vasa

Sat, Oct  19, 2013 - By North American VASA

New this year as part of the North American VASA race weekend is a Fatbike race on Saturday afternoon February 8th. Steve Andriese and Michele Howard are coordinating this initial 27k race for the NAV board. You now have the opportunity to do a Duathlon; a ski race in the morning and a bike race in the afternoon. Many skiers crosstrain with mountain bikes or Fatbikes so now you can challenge yourself to race both disciplines. You can register for the Fatbike race at More details will be forthcoming in future issues.

Fatbikes are new to our area and therefore are not regulated by the DNR. In an effort to promote this new sport and to help integrate them TART has designated Fatbike Fridays which encourages Fatbikes to use the VASA trail only on Fridays during ski season. We are planning on grooming Riley's Loop early this year so that we can provide better race conditions for our 50k skiers as well as to provide an alternative location for Fatbikes to train and enjoy. If you are available to help with trail preparation or grooming duties please call the Vasa hotline at (231)938-4400