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Catching up with Team

Wed, Oct  13, 2004

Here's what a few teammates have been up to recently...

Dan Motowski has been pulling son Lance around behind his bike all summer building up those leg muscles for this winter. Dan even claims he may enter a race or two! He’s recently jumped onto his rollerskis and has been working hard at our Thursday night strength sessions. And Dan once again is organizing our Annual Fall Duathlon Series. Thanks Dan!

Frank Nizio and Linda Allen are fixtures at Kensington Metropark, Frank on rollerskis and Linda on inline skate. Frank’s also done lots of biking this year, even after a crash left him with some injuries. Frank’s probably got more rollerski kilometers on than anyone in Michigan…

Speaking of injuries, Ryan Robinson also crashed on his bike this summer. (I don’t think Frank and Ryan were together at the time). Ryan started out putting in 15 hour training weeks early in the season after school got out. Mid-summer, he was routinely beating us up biking, running, and rollerskiing. He’s reduced his volume since, but did a fall triathlon and is still planning on running the Free Press Marathon this fall with his wife, Michelle. He’s also coaching his high school’s cross country team this fall.

Julie Houle has been biking, running, and rollerskiing all summer. She’s also started coming out to the Thursday night strength sessions. Julie’s been to Europe quite a bit, including a great ski trip to Norway in late spring (see her article on the website at !).

Hugh Pritchard, UK Olympic biathlete, has been over to the US a couple times to rollerski and workout at a Thursday night strength session with us. We’re hoping he’ll be over this winter again for some of the races. Back in the UK, he’s winning rollerski races and has his own group of people in London who get together to do strength circuits (“One more round of Burpee’s everyone…”).

Mike Heidinger is a regular on at the Saturday morning rollerski sessions and at the Thursday night strength sessions (he routinely crushes me on upper and lower body circuits). His training been interrupted by a couple business trips to Germany (hmmmm, getting close to Octoberfest….). His wife just took up rowing, so they take turns babysitting.

Ron Sexton been biking all summer. He also trained with Dan Motowski and Mike Muha for the Rocket Dog Ankle Biter trail run this spring.

Bill Kaltz has been flying his hot air balloon for fun and profit. When he’s not full of hot air, he’s been seen putting long miles in on his bike and occasionally putting a few kilometers on this rollerskis. Bill’s planning to continue grooming Independence Lake’s trail for skating this winter – great for those of us near Ann Arbor and Brighton.

Natalie and Ken Dawson went hiking and camping in Alaska earlier this summer. In Michigan, Ken’s been leading a Wednesday evening and Sunday morning bike ride out of Kensington Metropark – crushing everyone in his path! He’s also been seen out on his rollerski recently. Natalie is once again putting in fast laps around Kensington on her inline skates (with ski poles).  Just watch for the blur…

Doug Heady been rollerskiing on Saturday mornings, but he’s been spending a lot of his time biking as coach of the Ann Arbor Velo Club’s women’s race team. He also got a new canoe recently.

Jeff Potter been a frequent contributor on Google Rec:Skiing:Nordic, when he’s not out racing Human Powered Vehicles recumbent bikes, paddling or rollerskiing. We’re hoping he’ll be out for a Duathlon or two this fall. Check out pictures of Jeff with chainsaw at - not to be missed.

Tim Feldkamp has been inline skating with ski poles recently – and looking pretty good! We’ve also run into Ed Anderson, Bill Heafner, and Greg Worrel on rollerskis. Greg's also been out on Thursday night's training session.