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Top 5 maintenance tips for your Vasa Ergometer

Wed, May  29, 2013 - By Rob Sleamaker

The Vasa Ergometer is built to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. It's easy to keep your Erg working like new, and it won't cost you much more than some elbow grease.

Here are the top five maintenance tips to keep your Erg in excellent condition!

15-minute Vasa Ergometer maintenanceVasa Ergometer

  1. Clean the monorail and rotate the seat rollers to provide a smooth rolling surface.
  2. Lubricate all nuts and bolts for continued safe operation.
  3. Keep the Rewind & Drive Cord System in good working order to reduce downtime.
  4. Maximize the airflow through the Front End Assembly to allow for maximum resistance.
  5. Monitor the battery life in your Power Meter to ensure it's working properly.

>> Do you have a part that needs replacement? Visit our Replacement Parts page. <<

For more details and to view the full Ergometer maintenance schedule for your environment, check out your instruction manual or quickly download one here at no cost.