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Toko introduces Care Line to US

Tue, May  28, 2013 - By Ian Harvey

HEBER CITY, UTAH - The Swiss Company, Toko, announced today the US release of Toko Care Line products. Formulated to be resource-saving and environmentally friendly, Toko's Eco Wash and Eco Proof lead a line-up engineered to perform with legendary Swiss efficiency. Toko Care Line products are specially tailored to high-quality outdoor gear and footwear and draw from the company's history as a ski wax provider as well as Toko's partnership with outdoor titan, Schoeller Textiles. US Brand Manager Ian Harvey spoke on the end result of Toko's work on the new line, “Every Care Line product has a significant advantage in some way over the competition - either in price or performance or both.”  

Differences between Toko Eco Textile Proof and Toko Textile Proof.

Early stocks of Care Line products are available now in select Toko dealers and a larger product unveiling is planned for the summer Outdoor Retailer show in late July. The Toko Care Line is a complete resource for the care of outdoor gear including hiking, cycling, skiing and more. Toko Care Line Products Include:

Toko Echo Soft Shell ProofTextile Care:

  • Functional Sportswear Care - Reduces build-up of unpleasant odors thanks to silver ion technology
  • Soft-Shell Proof -Makes the fabric water resistant and dirt repellent
  • Textile Proof - Preserves the breathability of modern membrane textiles (e.g. GORE-TEX®)

Textile Care - Eco Line (Environmentally-friendly pump spray without propellant gas, free from fluorocarbons, biodegradable). The the washes are special environmentally-friendly detergent for high-quality clothing; the Proofs are for waterproofing

  • Eco Soft Shell Proof
  • Eco Textile Proof
  • Eco Universal Proof
  • Eco Down Wash
  • Eco Softshell Wash
  • Eco Textile Wash
  • Eco Wool Wash

Shoe Care:

  • Echo Shoe Fresh
  • Leather Wax (transparent-beeswax and transparent-silicone)
  • Shoe Proof & Care

Equipment Care:

  • Tent & Pack Proof 

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