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Hat Cam: Black Mountain Skate race

Michigan Cup: Black Mountain Skate

Wed, Mar  6, 2013 - By Mike Muha

Here is the final "hat cam" video of the season by's Doug Cornell. Doug had a lot of fun creating the racing videos this year and he is very thankful for all of the kind words he received from his fellow racers at the events.

A lot of skiers at Black Mountain were interested in Doug's new rear facing camera (the "A$$ CAM"), but unfortunately, forces beyond Doug's control interfered with the functioning of the unit. He promises to work out the bugs and use the camera next year!

Doug would like to invite the Nordic racing community to see his band, The Dirt Surfers (who play the music in the videos) at a special concert in Owosso on April 13 at 8 PM at the Wrought Iron Grill. This event will benefit the Owosso Amphitheater summer concert series, and tickets cost only $10 per person. Food and drinks are available at the event and it is guaranteed to be a rowdy, fun night! To reserve a seat, drop Doug a note at

Black Mountain Skate cross country ski race