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Men's race up for grabs in Michigan Cup

Michigan Cup

Fri, Mar  1, 2013 - By Mike Muha

Ken Dawson has release the most recent individual results (PDF) for the Michigan Cup cross country ski race series through the Boyne Grinder and Muffin Race last weekend. Competition is close: Says Ken, "Eventually where there is a tie,  head to head competition will apply. Lots of close results so grab as many points this last weekend as possible."

The Senior Men's race continues to be closer than close, with the top five separated by a mere four points. Ryan Harris and Alex Vanias are tied for first with 995 points each. Dan Yankus is third with 994 points, followed by Milan Baic and John O'Hearn with 993 and 991 points. Glenn Goodman and Ryan Halstead are only a breath behind...

Amy Powell still leads the Senior Women with 996 points. If she fails to race this weekend, however, she could be overtaken by Kaitlyn Patterson or Erica O'Hearn (976 and 971 points each).

With no junior races on the schedule this weekend, it looks like we can call the winners: With a perfect score of 1,000, Erin Lipp takes home the Michigan Cup Junior Girls title. Sarah Goble and Hanna Davis made valiant efforts but finish second and third with 976 and 928 points.

Ian Durand takes the Boys Title with 994 points. He's followed by Eivind Kragebakk and Clay Darling with 982 and 952 points.