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Fischer announces new Speedmax skis


Wed, Feb  6, 2013 - By Fischer Skis


Fischer presents the next generation of race skis and winner of the ISPO Award 2013: the new SPEEDMAX SKATE was chosen as the WINNER of the ISPO AWARD in the cross country category by an independent jury of experts from around 350 entries.


True enthusiasts are interested in one thing more than anything else: speed. Equipment naturally plays the decisive role here. And with the change to the new racing ski generation from Fischer you can clearly feel this like never before: Speedmax opens up a whole new dimension in speed that both top athletes in the World Cup and race-oriented skiers alike are highly enthusiastic about.


Fischer Speedmax cross country skiThe secret lies in the finest detail.
Or to be more precise, in the molecular structure of the base. High temperatures and pressure in conventional base application processes have a negative effect on this structure. Which is why Fischer has developed Cold Base Bonding: a unique process which retains the homogeneity of the original molecular structures by avoiding heat and pressure when the base is added. As a result, Fischer gives you exclusively unrivaled gliding properties and maximum speed!
Positive side effect: thanks to the homogeneity of the structures the individual pores of the base also remain intact in their original form. The previously unattainable wax absorption and considerably improved grindability of the base lead additionally to the best conditions for maximum speeds.

Same properties in all temperatures.
In the past skis had different characteristics at different temperatures. The reason for this lies in the different reactions of the materials used for the ski body and base to changes in temperature. This is not good for the ski as the performance changes and becomes incalculable. Thanks to Cold Base Bonding the newly developed special connecting level acts as an intermediate layer which efficiently absorbs the thermal changes of the various material layers. The result: consistent and perfect ski performance in all temperature conditions.