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2013 Hanson Hills Paintball Biathlon

Video and photos

Wed, Feb  6, 2013 - By Mike Muha

Hanson Hills' Paintball Biathlon attracted a combination of Michigan Cup skiers and non-racer types and featured two ladies from Ohio who really knew how to shoot. Racers skied a 1 kilometer loop five times, stopping after each kilometer to shoot at five targets 35 feet away. Every target hit subtracted 10 seconds from the skiing time. An interval start was used, with a skier starting every 15 seconds. Five shooting stations were used, and racers could use any shooting position they preferred. If there was contention for paintball guns and someone had to wait, an race official kept track of the wait time and subtracted it from the racer's total time.

A volunteer hid behind each target (a 4 x 8 ft piece of plywood with vinyl targets), waited for five shots, then would pop up and squeegee the target clean for the next racer.

Here's how it was done:


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