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Team NordicSkiRacer leads Michigan Cup

Michigan Cup

Wed, Jan  30, 2013 - By Ken Dawson

Here are the current Michigan Cup Results up to the Noque. I wanted to get this out just as the roster deadline is near so every team can verify their scorers. Remember that after January 31, you cannot add members even if it is a family member who was not listed on your roster. If you have a roster protest I will forward to Ernie so he can process through Michigan Cup Committee. Please check to make sure you are on the correct team and that your age class is correct. I do not always pick up the new changes from year to year especially if you are just entering a new age class.

The only race not scored so far is the JOA sprints. I hope to have an update every week in February is possible to keep everyone aware of team points. The team points do include the 6 hour relay. Another note is Andrew Bruning is scored as a Senior, per request, and therefore cannot be scored as a Junior. 

Surprising to see to Team NordicSkiRacer on top of the team standings as of this date. Still lots of skiing left.

1.  Team NordicSkiRacer – 13,638

2.  VASA – 12,645

3.  CCSH – 12,246

4.  GRNST – 6,877

5.  HH/CCSS – 5,576

6.  SS – 5,171

Attached are the Michigan Cup individual rankings to date (PDF).