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Cote Dame Marie is ON!

Fri, Jan  18, 2013 - By Justin Andre

Cote Dame Marie Report: RACE IS ON!!! With alot of work this morning we have put together a race course!! We have come up with a 6.1K loop. I will post map later. MI CUP men (Skate) will do 4 laps, MI Women (Skate) will do 2 laps, Juniors (Skate) will do 1 lap. Citizens (Skate) 1 lap, and Citizen (Classic**) 1lap ** No tracks will be set. Race Registration will be held from 8am-9:30am in the Archery Building at Hanson Hills on Saturday Morning... MI-Cup and Citizen FEE $20.. Juniors FEE $10.

Trail Condition: WE are still thin in some areas, BEST skis are not recommended.. 2nd best may be the ticket.. Trail has a hard base with a light dusting of snow on top. Could be fast/icy conditions after a couple of laps. Start/Finish Area will be at edge of campground about 1/4 mile from lodge.

Northbound Outfitters is having a SWIX wax clinic tonight at 5:00pm.