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GLD skiers complete 2 out of 4 required races

Great Lakes District

Wed, Jan  9, 2013 - By Mike Muha

Yesterday's freestyle sprint race and today's classic race at the Boyne Valley Lodge were the first opportunities for Great Lakes District (GLD) skiers to earn points toward Junior Nationals in Alaska. Previously scheduled Junior National Qualifying races have been cancelled because of poor snow conditions.

In USSA racing, the lower the points, the better the skier. for each age division, there is a points cutoff - earn more points than the cutoff and you can't get invited to Nationals. Juniors have to complete in two classic races and two freestyle races for a chance to make nationals.

The results show points awarded for this past weekend's races, plus has empty spots for additional points that can be earned at the two remaining Junior National Qualifier weekends, one in Marquette and one near Cleveland, Ohio.


The minimum points on the points list are for qualifying for Junior Nationals only.  For the J2 trip, we will take four J2 Males and four J2 Females regardless of points .  We will use the points list to offer the trip to the top 4 qualifiers first and then continue down the list until we get our 4 skiers of each gender.

The GLD leaders (minimum points) after two races are:


  • J2:  Erin Lipp
  • J1: Evelyn Delong
  • OJ: Ruth Oppliger


  • J2:  Isaac Stone
  • J1: Andrew Bruning
  • OJ: Hendrick Haataja