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Winterstart: Powell's 3rd victory; Baic gets his first

Wed, Dec  26, 2012 - By Curt Peterson

Amy Powell and Milan Baic won the senior divisions of the first ever Michigan Cup Race held at Lakes of the North Winterstart freestyle 7.5 km race. This was a very challenging race as very soft conditions prevailed. The dump of 16 inches of snow in the two days preceding the race made for soft conditions. Our hosts at Lakes of the North struggled (but came through in flying colors) with the heavy snow and electrical power failures that resulted in the power being off more than it was on for Thur and Friday before the race. Nevertheless, 84 skiers competed the inaugural event which included a large contingent of High School competitors. Erin Lipp and Eivind Kragebakk won the junior races. Also noteworthy was that junior Andrew Bruning raced as a senior and placed 3rd overall.  The finish for the men's race winner was tight and Milan held off Alex Vanias for the last 1/2 km to the finish ahead by about 15 yards.

Winterstart cross country ski race, Senior start

Start of the Senior race (photos by Pam Darling)

We again thank our hosts, Lakes of the North for their enthusiastic embracing of hosting this event. We need venues that can host with low snow amounts in early Dec. Although low snow was not a problem on Saturday. Also we thank Lou Aowdey who loaned us his grooming equipment for use at Lakes of the North. They will continue grooming for the season and are working on making their own equipment. The after the race buffet was wonderful. As Vasa Ski Club sponsors we feel good that we could provide a low cost event for juniors and seniors alike.

Winterstart cross country ski race, junior start

Start of the Junior race

This was Amy Powell's third win in a row: she won the Ski Fest sprint race in October, last week's Wintersonnenwende, and now the Winterstart race.

More junior xc skiers


Junior Men Rank
Bruning Andrew 1
Kragebakk Eivind 2
Darling Clay 3
Suminski Nicholas 4
Brownell Sean 5
Amato Nicholas 6
Clulo Ryan 7
Klettner Michael 8
Brownell Tim 9
Hansen Connor 10
Butryn David 11
Myers Jacob 12
Goble Reid 13
Moore Christopher 14
Eckhoff William 15
Junior Women
Lipp Erin 1
Goble Sarah 2
Burfield Jennifer 3
Pflughoeft Lauren 4
Davis Hannah 5
Patterson Britta 6
Keyser Hannah 7
Padden Hayley 8
Senior Women 19-30
Patterson Kaitlyn 1
Gulledge Catarina 2
Senior Women 31-40
Coulter Laurie 1
Senior Women 41-50
Powell Amy 1
Wagar Ann 2
Seager Christine 3
Senior Women 51-60
Carlson Brenda 1
Webb Sarah 2
Upton Fran 3
Patterson Diane 4
Senior Women 61 and up
Peterson Gussie 1
Neugebauer Maxi 2
Wilks Amy 3
Murray Jean 4
Senior Men 19-30
Vanias Alex 1
Smith Dave 2
Williams Ross 3
Senior Men 31-40
Ohearn John 1
Yankus Dan 2
Coulter Melzar 3
Senior Men 41-50
Goodman Glenn 1
Paull Denny 2
Smigel Steve Jr 3
Seaman Michael 4
Todd Dell 5
Kuz Julian 6
Cook Tim 7
Triebold Bob 8
Dandeneau Chris 9
Butryn Rob 10
Senior Men 51-60
Baic Milan 1
Gravlin John 2
Cornell Doug 3
Weingartz Chris 4
Bruning Peter 5
Zordell Blair 6
Seager Steve 7
Green Jamie 8
Percha Tony 9
Rockwood Andy 10
Smith Randy 11
Webb John 12
Biac Nick 13
Bourassa Michael 14
Pflughoegft John 15
Trost Karl 16
Atkins Dave 17
Donahey Rex 18
Kraai Rick 19
Senior Men 61 and up
Luce Robin 1
Smigel Steve Sr. 2
Johnson Peter 3
Amato Duane 4
Nizio Frank 5
Brumbaugh Ernie 6
Brown Joe 7
Grening Tim 8
Biggs Stephen 9
Nolan Dan 10
Hunter Jon 11

Senior Men's and Women's overall overall finish order

Overall Senior Women's Placing
Powell Amy 1
Patterson Kaitlyn 2
Wagar Ann 3
Peterson Gussie 4
Carlson Brenda 5
Gulledge Catarina 6
Webb Sarah 7
Seager Christine 8
Neugebauer Maxi 9
Upton Fran 10
Coulter Laurie 11
Wilks Amy 12
Patterson Diane 13
Murray Jean 14
Senior men's overall finish order
Baic Milan 1
Vanias Alex 2
Goodman Glenn 3
Ohearn John 4
Yankus Dan 5
Gravlin John 6
Paull Denny 7
Smith Dave 8
Coulter Melzar 9
Williams Ross 10
Smigel Steve Jr 11
Cornell Doug 12
Seaman Michael 13
Todd Dell 14
Weingartz Chris 15
Luce Robin 16
Bruning Peter 17
Zordell Blair 18
Seager Steve 19
Green Jamie 20
Kuz Julian 21
Percha Tony 22
Rockwood Andy 23
Smith Randy 24
Smigel Steve Sr. 25
Webb John 26
Cook Tim 27
Johnson Peter 28
Amato Duane 29
Nizio Frank 30
Biac Nick 31
Brumbaugh Ernie 32
Triebold Bob 33
Brown Joe 34
Grening Tim 35
Dandeneau Chris 36
Biggs Stephen 37
Butryn Rob 37
Bourassa Michael 39
Nolan Duane 40
Pflughoegft John 41
Hunter Jon 42
Trost Karl 43
Atkins Dave 44
Donahey Rex 45
Kraai Rick 46