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Lakes of the North race at risk

Michigan Cup

Mon, Dec  17, 2012 - By Mike Muha

According to Curt Peterson, the Lakes of the North Freestyle Michigan Cup race is at risk because of this past weekend's rain and the relatively warm weather the first part of this week:

Right now the race could not be held.. But snow is forecasted for later in the week and into the weekend. Mark and Scott at Lakes of the North have shown they can groom with 4 inches of snow. So we should consider a move to this upcomping, Sunday, a day later than planned.

Michigan Cup Chair Ernie Brumbaugh states that "according to Michigan Cup rules [the race has] the option of moving to any open date, so Sunday is perfectly acceptable. Other dates would include Jan 6 (Seniors only), Jan 20, Jan 27(day after Noquemanon) and Feb 24th (Seniors only)."

Current Forecast:

Current Lakes of the North snow forecast