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VIDEO: USA and Kazakhstan win team sprint in Quebec

World Cup: Quebec City

Fri, Dec  7, 2012 - By FIS

It was an exciting day of racing in Quebec today.  The course was lined by thousands of spectators today that got to see the World's best sprinters up close for the first time in Quebec City.  Warm temperatures resulted in much different snow conditions from yesterday, but the athletes perservered and put in great racing efforts.

Video from USSA Network

For three weekends in a row the US women's ski team has set team records.  Today, the US women (Jessie Diggins, Kikkan Randall) recorded a first ever podium win in the team sprint.  The duo last year was second in Milan, Italy.  In second place, was the German team (Hanna Kolb, Denise Hermann) who out battled Norway (Celine Brun-Lie, Maiken Caspersen Falla) on the homestretch.  

In the men's race it took a photo finish for Kazakhstan (Denis Volotka, Nikolay Chebotko) to win their first ever World Cup team sprint.  In fact tt was their first time ever on the podium in the event.  The Russian team (Nikita Kruikov, Alexey Petukhov) lead onto the homestretch and was caught in the final meters of the race.  In third place was team Norway (Anders Gloeerssen, and Erik Brandsdal).  

  • Warm temperatures resulted in much different snow conditions from yesterday
  • For the third weekend in a row the US women's ski team has set team records. 
  • First ever team sprint victory for USA 
  • Denise Herrman for Germany out battled Maiken Caspersen Falla of Norway I on the home stretch
  • First ever podium for Denise Herrmann and Hanna Kolb
  • First ever World Cup win for Kazakhstan in team sprint
  • First ever World Cup win for Denis Volotka and Nikolay Chebotko
  • Alexey Petukhov (Russia I) lead on the home stretch but was caught in the final meters of the competition by Chebotko
  • Eirik Brandsdal (Norway I) out sprinted on the finishing stretch compatriot Paal Golberg of Norway II

Kikkan Randall (USA)

It's a great reward to be able to win in front of friends and family. Everyone traveled really far to come out and support us today so we wanted to go out and do our job and put on a good show and the atmosphere here was fantastic today. It's so cool for us to see the American flag and hear our names called out. I'm glad we put in a good performance.  I'm excited that I felt strong today, with this course and with the conditions, anything can happen but tomorrow I hope to put out a good performance like I did today.

Jessie Diggins (USA)

It was overwhelmingly awesome to be here and win with a crowd so close to home and to be sprinting with the girl who has been my mentor and who I've looked up to my entire life. All of the wax techs and coaches did their job perfectly and that made us do our jobs perfectly! I'm happy I stayed on my feet!

Denise Herrmann (GER)

We were hoping to be on the podium but it is always hard. In the team sprint it is always important to stay away from crashes. I am really surprised we finished second. In the semifinals I felt very good.  I am looking forward to tomorrow. I will try to deliver my best and I see if it is enough for the podium again.

Celine Brun-Lie (NOR)

I like soft conditions and the course in Québec fit me well. We tried to stay away from any crashes. I hope to be in a good shape for tomorrow's individual sprint.

Nikita Kriukov (RUS)

I am in a very good sprint shape these days but I have not reached the best shape. When I handed over to Alexey I was hoping for victory. 

Alexey Petukhov (RUS)

I am always happy to be on the podium. I was fighting hard for victory but the Kazakhstan boys were stronger today. 

Nikolay Chebotko (KAZ)

It is a big day for Kazakstan. We did not expect to win today but we felt very strong the whole day. The finish was incredible and I am very happy we won. It is the first time for Kazkhstan to win the team sprint and I think many people will celebrate at home tonight. The service team did a very good job and both of us had great skis.

Eirik Brandsdal (NOR)

It was a tactical competition today. We tried to get a good position on the last leg. I was pushing hard and I gave all but the other guys were stronger today. I hope I can fight for the podium tomorrow as well.

Official Results

Ladies Free Team Sprint 

1. USA I (Diggins, Randall)

2. GER (Kolb, Herrmann)

3. NOR I (Brun-Lie, Falla)

Complete results available here

Men Free Team Sprint

1. KAZ I (Volotka, Chebotko)

2. RUS I (Kriukov, Petukhov)

3. NOR I (Gloeersen, Brandsdal)

Complete results available here