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GLD announces Junior Olympic Qualifer races for 2012/13

Mon, Nov  19, 2012 - By Nick Baic

Below is the updated 2012/13 Great Lakes District (GRD) Junior National Qualifier (JNQ) cross country ski racing schedule. As with previous years, we will score JNQ's in other districts or National Ranking List (NRL) races against the competition at that race. Athletes must complete a minimum of 2 races in each technique.

Sat-Sun, Dec 8/9 - Midwest/GLD JNQ #1 (Wolverine Challenge)
Wolverine Ski Trails
Ironwood, MI
5/10k Freestyle Interval Start
5/10k Classic Interval Start

Sat-Sun, Jan 5/6 - GLD JNQ #2
Boyne Valley Lodge
Boyne Valley, MI
1k Freestyle Sprint
5/10k Classic Mass Start

Sat-Sun, Jan 19/20 - GLD JNQ #3
Chapin Forest Pine Lodge Ski Center
Kirtland, OH
5/10k Skate
5/7.5k Classic

Fri-Sat, Jan 25/26 - GLD JNQ #4
NTN Forestville Trailhead
Marquette, MI
5/10k Skate Mass Start
5/10k Classic Mass Start