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TOMTC adopts Black Mountain Chapter of TBTA

Mon, Nov  12, 2012 - By John Gravlin

There has been a "Change at the Top" but it has nothing to do with presidential elections or political parties.  The Black Mountain Chapter of the Thunder Bay Trails Association (TBTA) has been graciously adopted by the Top Of Michigan Trails Council (TOMTC).  The change was made with support and understanding from TBTA and both organizations stand to benefit from the change. 

Donations to the support of trail grooming and maintenance at Black Mountain will still be tax deductible only now under the 501c3 designation of the TOMTC.  Information about the TOMTC can be found at

The Black Mountain Chapter is looking forward to a productive relationship with the TOMTC whose mission since 1994 is to develop a network of multi-purpose recreational trails in northern Lower Michigan. The relationship that the Black Mountain Chapter has had with Thunder Bay Trails has been marvelous indeed with great support from our friends in the Alpena area, helping us to get the Black Mountain Ski trails known to the community of skiers and to put on one of the best classic races anywhere! 

I hope that skiers and outdoor enthusiasts will continue to support the efforts of TBTA, TOMTC, and The Black Mountain Chapter as we continue to create and improve the trails of Northern Michigan.