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SkiFest is coming up!

Wed, Oct  10, 2012 - By Eli Brown

We hope to grow the XC ski swap as well.  Clean out your garage!  Make some money, and buy some new gear!

Stop by Saturday evening to rake, shovel, or possible first tracks!

Group rollerski - Sunday morning need someone to lead this?

Shoveling snow before the ski fest

We have a strong crew set up starting Tuesday.  And better machinery as well.  Tuesday will be set up; dig drenches, put down pallets over drain on north end. Then carpet, maybe hay.  Potential plan is to lengthen course up and over south ridge.  Expect a possible short classic running section up the back side ... On carpet.  Potentially we will make a figure 8 option as well so Curt Peterson can be happy with a right foot turn...

Ski Fest xc ski track

The snow plan (also starting Tuesday) is to first stockpile then start filling out course later in the week depending on weather.  We couldn't do this without an army of volunteers!  Thanks in advance to the snow crew;  Dale Scheiern, Todd Vigland, Amy Powell, Randy Smith, Steve Andriese, Scott Howard, Butryn Family, Durand Family, Coach K, Andy Rockwood, Curt and Gussie Peterson, and Jake Ellis from Brick!

TV interview at last year's Ski Fest

Hope you plan to come and make a weekend of it.  Bring a tent for lounging, chairs, refreshments, and waxing pf course.  The National Swix and Fischer Race Manager has already made the wax call: Swix Rocket Spray 8x!

Ski Fest cross country ski race - Amy Powell waxing up

Come early to secure a trailside spot.

Hope every can make it and we can kick off the Michigan Cup and winter season with a great time and some quality skiing!

Drop me a line with questions;

Ski Fest, the open race for the Michigan Cup cross country ski racing series