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Team NordicSkiRacer Takes Lead in Michigan Cup Team Results

Fri, Feb  23, 2007 - By Ken Dawson

The attached results represent all races through the Soo International.  NordicSkiRacer leads the Cross Country Ski Headquarters and Grand Rapids Nordic in the Team Standings. Elliot Putman, Hannah Ciesla, Gussie Peterson, and Steve Kuhl lead the individual standings.

Please be sure to check your age classification and team designation and email back to me.   The revisions will be included on next week’s results.

The current team standings are: Note: This year top 35 scores from each team count.

  1. Team – 21,243 pts. 
  2. Cross Country Ski Headquarters – 19,731
  3. Grand Rapids Nordic Ski Team – 17,154
  4. Strait Striders – 16,227
  5. Traverse Nordic Ski Club – 15,224
  6. Cross Country Ski Shop / Hanson Hills – 14,777
  7. Ohio Nordic – 4,031
Send corrections to Ken Dawson.