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Order Form for Team NSR Ski Suits

Wed, Sep  8, 2004

An order form for Team ski suits can now be downloaded at Prices on the form are the MAXIMUM we'll have to pay. If we order more than 12, our costs start coming down.

Based on feedback from the Saturday morning rollerski group, we're looking at a two piece suit with front lining, relatively conservative and "slimming" graphics, and a light blue/dark blue color scheme. I'll be getting more feedback from people at the Strength Session tonight at Kensington Metropark (I'll be there rain or shine).

Not a member of Team NordicSkiRacer? You can still buy a suit! The more we buy, the lower the price.

Want to be a member of Team NordicSkiRacer? Try this link: The cost is only $10.