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Which U.S. community should lay claim to Nordic Town USA title?

Nordic Town USA Challenge

Mon, Oct  8, 2012 - By NNF

Which U.S. community should lay claim to Nordic Town USA title?

Is it based on the number of km of trails, number of skiers, skiers per capita, or some other criteria?  We at the National Nordic Foundation (NNF) believe it should be contributions to our status as a “Nordic Nation”.

We call on all citizens of America’s Nordic ski towns to participate in the NNF’s Nordic Town USA Challenge. The National Nordic Foundation exists to support tomorrow’s Nordic stars today and thereby grow our status as a Nordic Nation. We do so by providing support for the athlete development  pipeline of US Cross Country and Nordic Combined skiing. We will proclaim the title of “Nordic Town USA” to the community whose citizens pledge the most during our Drive for 25 fundraising campaign.

Sun Valley/Ketchum, ID, which presently bills itself as Nordic Town USA, is ready to back its claim to the title. Muffy Ritz boldly claims “Sun Valley deserves this title both for our trails, skiers and our community involvement.  We challenge any other community to step up and try to dethrone us. We intend to out raise all other Drive for 25 community challengers”.

Steamboat Springs, CO, which goes by Ski Town USA, is up for the challenge according to Kerry Lynch. Kerry states “Steamboat may be a small town but it has been a Nordic town for over 50 years. Our community can out raise Sun Valley on any given Sunday for the NNF cause. Case in point, we have Nordic jumps and they do not.”

So which community will be next to step up and join the Nordic Town USA Challenge while helping us become Nordic Nation USA? Anchorage or Burlington? Duluth or Bozeman? Fairbanks or …..?
NNF director Dave Knoop explains ”...Nordic Ski Town USA may be a real place or a state of mind…either way, please join us a nation coming together for the Drive for $25.”

Weekly community fundraising updates total and per capita will be posted on the web page.

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