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CASCO Nordic Eyewear: Revisited

Many ski races and training days later...

Thu, Feb  22, 2007 - By Mike Muha

I wanted to give everyone a quick update on how the CASCO Nordic Eyewear have performed on snow since I originally reviewed them back in September. In my tests while rollerskiing, I found they did not fog - at all - and hoped for the same when the snow hit.

Many ski races and training days later...

The CASCO Nordic Eyewear have exceeded my already high expectations! I used them in numerous cross country ski races,  on-snow interval sessions, and distance skis at temperatures ranging from 0F to above freezing, in snowing conditions, bright sunlight, wind, going hard, going slow. They have never fogged. Not once!

Because they slide down from the headband and never actually touch the face, there's excellent ventilation all around the lens. Coupled with some sort of special anti-fog coating on the inside face of the lens, the eyewear has phenomenal anti-fog properties.

I found a second benefit of the great ventilation: drying wet lenses. While classic skiing at Hanson Hills on a warm sunny day, I cratered when the track dipped into some soft snow that fell away from the edge of the trail. It was head first into the snow bank! My head was covered and the CASCO's had snow on top of the headband and on the inside surface of the lens.

After shaking them out quickly, water droplets formed on the inside of the lens from the warm conditions. With nothing to wipe them with, I simply continued skiing. Within a few minutes (very few), the air flow around the lens had dried the water and I could see perfectly well again.

As I commented in the first review, the CASCO Nordic Eyewear have a wide field of vision: "As you skied, you sort of forgot about them." More than once since I was on snow, I actually DID forget I had them on and wondered why I left them at my car. I felt foolish when I realized they were right in front of my eyes.

Several other Michigan skiers have provide me feedback after they bought a pair. Without exception, all have reported very positive experiences.

Bottom line: CASCO Nordic Eyewear are real winners! Highly Recommended.