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Team NSR Stylin' in Louis Garneau Racing Suits

Mon, Aug  30, 2004

Hey Team members - and any one else who wants to wear the team colors this year - we're going to order racing suits from Louis Garneau. I've been very impressed with my current Louis Garneau suit and the company seems easy to work with and has decent prices.

A basic jersey and tight combination will cost roughly $110 (includes shipping). A vest adds another $51 and a jacket costs $66. Pricing gets lower the more we order! There are men's and women's sizing. The main question: do we want a "pro-fit" (anatomic europeon fit) or a more relaxed fit? My impression is that team members would prefer a more conservative suit than the eye-poping Cross Country Ski Shop suits. (Sorry Jeff Potter, no knicker suits. But you can wear long socks over it if you want...).

The company is shipping me samples overnight on Thursday - I'll have them at the Saturday morning rollerski session (Sept 4) and at the Thursday night strength session (Sept 9).

Here's a schedule of suit-related activities and deadlines:

  • Now: Taking counts of interest and $50 down payments.
  • Sept 4: Show samples of suits at Saturday morning rollerski
  • Sept 9: Show samples of suits at Thursday night strength session
  • Sept 22: Complete art work for suit
  • Sept 24: Mike signs contract & pays 50% down payment
  • Oct 15: Sign off final art work
  • Dec 10: Receive suits

I'm taking counts now. Tell me if you're interested in the suit, vest, and or/jacket so I can go back and get better pricing. Non-team members may order suits as well - the more suits we buy, the lower the price we get.

If you know you want a suit, a $50 down payment would be great. (Check made out to "Mike Muha". Send to 1060 Yorick Path, Wxom, MI 48393).

Want a small logo for your company on the suit? If you're interested in paying a small fee to offset some of the suit costs for everyone else, we can talk. (This OK with everyone?)

Send an e-mail to with your suit, vest, and/or jacket interest!