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Exel Goes Round with NTech®–technology in New XC Racing Poles

Tue, Feb  13, 2007 - By Exel

Exel has developed a new technology concept called “NTech®”, which combines integrated carbon nano particles with Exel Co-Wound production technology. In the first phase the NTech®–technology will be used for World Cup and Black Feather poles.

Making aerodynamic tapered shafts over the past several seasons, Exel new technology moves back to a round shaft.

Lighter construction and over 30% more stiffness

Exel NTech®–technology combined with restructured shaft with round shape improves the stiffness, shockproof and bending strength dramatically. In comparison with the previous Exel Racing ski poles the stiffness increases more than 30%, shockproof and bending strength over 20%. In addition to these characters the new technology enables a 6% lighter shaft construction. The pole also has a new stylish graphic design.

Advantages for athletes

  • No energy loss due to bending of the shaft
  • Improved durability in contact situations in the races
  • Lightness improves the energy usage and enables a quick shaft move
  • Superior product compared to respective products of competitors


The new NTech® ski poles have already been tested by top XC skiers. The first ski poles with NTech® shaft will be delivered for the Exel Racing Service and our sponsor athletes for the 2007 season.

As one of the top race shops in the US, Exel has provided the Cross County Ski Shop in Grayling, Michigan (1.800.889.7456) with several pairs for those who want a set before their general release next season.

NTech® is a registered Exel Trademark.