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Vasa Groomer Fails to Float...

Wed, Feb  7, 2007 - By Vasa

The Vasa Pathway is being groomed daily in preparation for this weekends race. The trail is in great shape.

You may have heard, but while grooming the 50 K course Tuesday afternoon, the LMC fell through the ice in shallow water at the edge of one of the ponds. Everyone is OK, and after a lot of work and help from many, including groomers Paul, Jim and Doug, and Gordon from Timber Ridge, they were able to get the machine out. They drove the LMC back to Timber Ridge and Gordon graciously let us keep the machine in a heated garage to dry out. The LMC was out on the course again today. The 50 K section along the edges of the pond will be groomed with the snowmobiles for the race.