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Hiawatha Invitational Recommends Early Registration

Fri, Feb  2, 2007 - By Jim Mihell

The format for the Hiawatha Invitational will be a little different than is the norm for most Michigan Cup races, given that it will be a timed interval start, as opposed to a mass start.

To facilitate this format, we’ll be using our new state-of-the-art Tag Heuer electronic timing equipment and this will be interfaced to a computer with a Zone4 race management software system, which was purchased a month ago.  This is the same race management system that has been used to host World Cup races in the recent past. 

The down side of this format and the associated technology is that unlike a mass start race, it is critical that a race file of entrants and their associated data be loaded into the computer before the start of the race. 

Therefore, while same-day race registration will be allowed, registration will need to be cut off at least an hour and a half before the start of the race so that the race file can be loaded. 

Pre-registration is therefore encouraged.  This is simple and quick and may be done on-line at  An added benefit of pre-registration is that the registration fee is $5 cheaper.  The cut-off date for registering on-line is February 15.