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Michigan Cup Supports White Pine Stampede

Sat, Jan  27, 2007 - By Ernie Brumbaugh

I am as equally disappointed that the White Pine Stampede has been shortened as anyone.  However, I have been in the position of race director with little or no snow to work with.  I am sure that the White Pine Stampede is doing the best that they can with the conditions they have.   This has been a good race for 30 years and a great one for many of those years.  They do not have the luxuryof a permanent manicured trail and this something that they and all of us racers have to deal with.  Frankly, last year the White Pine Stampede was surprising well done.   At present, the plan to run one 10-12 k race with one mass start.  If everyone shows up, yes, that will be chaotic.  I am sure the White Pine Stampede committee will appreciate your constructive input on that issue.  However, with conditions the way they are I would also anticipate a reduction in participants.

As to scoring of the Michigan Cup, the race will be scored as usual.  Senior Men and Women on separate points lists and Junior Men and Women on another separate points list.  We can accomodate 200 Men, 50 women, 40 Junior Men and 40 Junior Women.  That is a total of 330 ski racers that can score points.  The race director has indicated that the White Pine results will be broken out as usual in classic and freestyle age groups with individual times.  

Please keep your criticisms constructive and positive.  The race organization does not need anymore stress then they already have.  We will work out the Michigan Cup situation among the team captains as the need arises.  If you have a concern with any aspect of the Michigan Cup please contact your team captain and they will raise any issues with the Michigan Cup Committee.  

Finally, I always keep two thoughts in mind when these situations occur.  1)  A qoute from Jon Mommaerts, Race Director of the Noqueman after his first low/no year, "Man, I'll never criticize another race organization again in my life."  2)  I am a ski racer, I get to have fun out there.  That's the easy part.  The race is put on but volunteers, They have to do the work.

Thanks and keep praying for snow.