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Physiology Performance Testing Opportunity

Tue, Apr  20, 2004

An opportunity to learn your performance parameters and contribute to scholarly investigation awaits you at Michigan State University. 

  • In return for the generosity of your time and a few samples of body fluids, you will receive:
  • A treadmill VO2 max test with concurrent, pre-and post-exercise lactate monitoring (via finger stick)
  • Body composition analysis
  • A blood sample screened for 2 particular markers of interest in the study
  • A quadriceps muscle biopsy (needle method)
  • Fifty US dollars ($50.00) upon completion of your study

Not even the pros get paid to give their tissue samples! 

You must meet ALL of the following 6 requirements to participate (yeah, picky picky...):

1) You are in one of these age groups:
     A.) 18-35 years,
     B.)  50+

2) You are: 
     A.)  "trained" = aerobic activity at least  4 times per week;
      B.) you are "sedentary" = activity less than 2 times per week (non-skiing spouses count, too!)

3) Free from medication (post-menopausal women on HRT is acceptable)

4) Non-smoker

5) Free of known cardiovascular diseases

6) Free of known metabolic diseases (e.g. diabetes mellitus or insipitus, etc.)

The muscle biopsy is a simple needly biopsy and pain-free.  This is a great opportunity to gauge your post-season fitness levels and learn about your dear friend, your body, who carries you over hills and through the woods to enjoy winter's playground.

Please email Dr. Christopher Womack, Professor of Exercise Physiology at Michigan State University, to notify him of your interest.  He will arrange your appointment.  He and his staff are eager and thankful to learn from such a unique group of people as we Michigan Nordic skiers.  Professor Womack's email is

Email immediately to get in!