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"Let's Get Moving" kick-off on May 15

Sat, Apr  17, 2004

[Sara Cockrell says, "I think the Grand Traverse area can beat Alpena  easily if we all participate by logging our miles from hiking, biking, rollerskiing, running, paddling, and many other summertime activities, and still have lots of fun. Join in and help us WIN!!!! And, get your neighbors, business peers, friends, and family involved, so they can benefit, too. As we all know, 100 miles in 100 days is a piece of cake. So, let's add in our thousands of miles. 336 riders logged 82,329 miles last year on scheduled Cherry Capital Cycling Club rides, and that's only club rides, not rides they did on their own. Here's to a celebration of good health all summer long!"]

"Let's Get Moving" is a collaboration among many Grand Traverse area organizations to encourage men, women, kids, teens, clubs, schools, and businesses in Northern Michigan to improve their physical fitness and lower the incidence of sedentary related disease. The kick-off event will take place SATURDAY, MAY 15TH AT 8:30AM AT THE CIVIC CENTER, along with the American Lung Association's "Blow The Whistle on Asthma Walk". Everyone who registers is eligible for great prizes in the random drawings.

Since Michigan has received much publicity for its high rate of obesity, Munson Medical Center and 104th District Representative Howard Walker are leading the challenge to get fit and make healthy eating choices through a community initiative for 100 days, from May 15th until Labor Day. The program was initially developed by the Fitness Council of Northern Michigan, and Alpena, the 2003 winner out of 15 participating communities, has challenged Traverse City. After the Labor Day finale, one small, medium, and large community will each be awarded a plaque from the Governor's Council for the most miles logged. Over 350,000 total miles were logged by participating communities last year.

Participants are encouraged to set some personal goals and exercise on a regular basis. "Earn miles" by walking 100 miles, or an equivalent activity, during a 100-day period, and keep track of them. Then, the total number will be added up for each community. A "Wellness Mile Chart" has been developed for different exercises to allocate equivalents for one mile earned, for such activities as walking, swimming, gardening, rollerblading, paddling, golfing, aerobics, skip rope, bicycling, chopping wood, playing tennis, dancing, and bowling.

In addition, Rep Walker is teaming up with the Michigan Nurses Association to improve long-term health through proper nutrition. He will be leading the weight-loss program by volunteering to weigh-in at the May 15th event in Traverse City. Participants will anonymously record their weight loss, and then businesses will be asked to contribute a penny or dime per pound for a community health fund. Weight loss can be recorded confidentially at Weight Watchers, doctor's offices, and other sites.

Every participant, whether recording miles exercised or weight lost, will have a chance to win prizes, such as a new bike, membership at a fitness center, or coupons for free healthy meals. Registration centers have been set up throughout the county, and are being supported by many sponsors, partners, and individuals.

Leelanau County will be kicking off their community participation on Mother's Day, Saturday, May 8th at 10AM, with a 1/3/5 mile walk on the Leelanau Trail, starting at 4th Street in Suttons Bay.

For more information, see, or call (231)935-2909. The goal is to improve community health, and have a great time doing it! Let's Get Moving, Northern Michigan!