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Farmers Almanac: Expect snow and cold for 2013

Thu, Aug  30, 2012 - By Caleb Weatherbee

Caleb Weatherbee of the Farmers Almanac predicts that the warm weather we've had for the last couple of winters will come to and end in the Midwest this coming winter:

For the coming season, we’re predicting that winter will return to some – but not all – areas. We think it will be a “winter of contraries, as if Old Man Winter were cutting the country in half. The eastern half of the country will see plenty of cold and snow. The western half will experience relatively warm and dry condition. In other words, as in the political arena, the climate this winter will render us a nation divided.

We predict that real winter weather will return to areas from the Great Lakes into the Northeast. Most eastern states – as far south as the Gulf Coast – will see snowier than normal conditions and cooler temperatures.

We are “red flagging” February 12–15 and March 20–23 for major coastal storms along the Atlantic seaboard; storms bringing strong winds and heavy precipitation.

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2013 Farmers Almanac Winter Map