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NMU Ladies Team: Where'd Those Nicknames Come From?

Tue, Jan  16, 2007 - By Mike Balduf and Sten Fjeldheim

Mike's story:

When I was driving through Marquette last August, a vision of five roller skiers appeared before me.  I pulled over, rubbed my eyes, and they were still there.  So I grabbed my camera and started snapping away.  Turns out that they were the Northern Michigan University's ladies XC team out for a roller-ski training run on the very trail I had skied the day before.  I asked them to pose for a group photo.

Sten nicknames:

Here are the skiers' names, from L to R (nicknames):

Morgon Smyth (Freshman), Lindsay Williams (WILLY), Tammi Kochen (Princess), Maria Stuber (Sticky), Jenny Wygant (Wygant)