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Pretty as a Picture in Winthrop, WA


Sun, Dec  3, 2006 - By John Stoy

Hi Mike -

Happy New Year!

Just returned from Washington. It was really great skiing the Methow Valley Trail System. You can ski from Winthrop and the Sun Mountain trails, all the way to the Mazama trails which are 30k away.

The trails are not technically difficult, unless you consider a 6k climb at 2-3% grade difficult. There are a couple of descents that are pretty long, especially the Little Cub Creek return on the Rendezvous Trail system. It's only 7k long!

Great snow, scenery, world class grooming, great food, accommodations, etc., etc.

Stopped in to see Mark Waechter at Nordic Ultratune. He was very helpful in telling us about the trail system, and just great to chat with in general. We dropped off a few pairs of skis for him to grind and hotbox. We can't wait to go back!

Jon H. Mazama


John Stoy on Rendezvous 

More Rendezvous 


Jon at Sun Mountain



Nordic UltraTune

Mark Waechter

 Sun Mountain


Winthrop, Washington