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Classic Skiing Technique Rules

Fri, Mar  12, 2004 - By Ernie Brumbaugh


The techniques allowed in Classical Skiing by FIS Rule 314.1.1 include:

1. Herringbone With No Glide
2. Half Herringbone With No Glide
3. Diagonal Stride
4. Running on Skis
5. Double Pole
6. Double Pole With Kick
7. Step Turns
8. Lane Changing Involving One Skate Stride
9. Downhill Turning Techniques That Include a Step Turn but not a Skate Turn

Skate Turns are no longer allowed according to the latest FIS Rules.  Although many of us used skate turns in the Classic only days, this stroke, according US FIS International Technical Delegate, John Aalberg, is no longer allowed.  Pushes with the off side ski in a step turn are allowed only to get around an untracked turn and when the other ski is kept traveling straight ahead.

Skating to the inside of a turn on the inside of a track is not allowed.  Moving out of the track is allowed to cut distance on the inside of a turn but the skier should continue skiing the turn with classic techniques with skis moving parallel and straight ahead.

Multiple lane changes using the skate lane change technique are not allowed.

Skating out of a downhill turn is not allowed.

All of the ski skating techniques are clearly not allowed.  They include:

1. Herringbone Skate with Glide
2. V1 Skate
3. Power V, Open Field or Gunde Skate
4. V2 Skate
5. Free Skate
6. Marathon Skate
7. Skate Turns from the Old Classical Technique
8. Skating into, during or out of a Downhill Turn

In short, if it feels, looks or glides like a skate it is not legal in a Classic race.  

Those races designated as Classical races on the Michigan Cup schedule are intended to be skied in the Classic technique by all participants.  The Michigan Cup Committee asks that all skiers honor this rule.  Missing the wax is no excuse to skate.  Being out of shape or falling behind is no excuse to skate.  The lack of tracks does not mean that a skier can skate.  Simply double pole or step turn around that corner.
The classical herringbone is a running technique.  There is no glide in a classical herringbone.  If your speed is too high then simply continue to double pole until you slow down enough to use the herringbone.  Transitioning through a skating herringbone is not allowed.


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