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Kikkan Randall and Lady Gaga?

Tue, Jul  31, 2012 - By FIS

Cross-Country racer Kikkan Randall relaxes in Canada after summer work-out

When Kikkan Randall (USA) first started her career in Cross-Country skiing at the age of 15 no American woman had ever achieved top international results in her discipline. Although there is still potential to achieve even more, the Alaskan athlete has largely contributed to rising attention for Cross-Country Skiing in the United States. Some of her biggest career highlights include five World Cup titles, a silver medal at the 2009 Nordic World Ski Championships, two top ten results in the Olympics and most recently, the World Cup Overall title in Sprint in the 2011/2012 season.

In the first edition of the interview series “Summer Time for Winter Athletes”, FIS Newsflash interviewed Kikkan about her summer time.

FIS Newsflash: If you could go for a swim anywhere in the world this summer, where would it be?

Kikkan: “One place that I haven't been yet which has always intrigued me is Australia. I've never been to the "big" island where the kangaroos roam. Given that it's winter time there right now, I might save my swimming trip until I can visit during summer time. But that may have to wait until I'm not busy chasing the World Cup all winter."

For now, I'll head to my husband's family cottage in Ontario, Canada. The water is deliciously warm there and life is laid back. It is the perfect break to recover after some hard months of training."

FIS Newsflash: In your summer training, do you prefer roller skiing, running or mountain biking?

Kikkan: "One of the things I love best about Cross-Country skiing is how many different ways we get to train. I really love the combination of all of it: running, roller skiing, biking, weight-lifting, etc. Some of my favorite training days are the times when I run back into the mountains and get up above everything; I really feel on top of the world. I also love the roller ski work outs where I just feel in tune with my skis and I float along feeling effortless."

FIS Newsflash: What is the best/worst about summer training?

"The best thing about summer training is not having to wear all those layers of clothing. It's great to head out for a run in shorts and a t-shirt feeling nice and warm. The worst about summer training, at least in Alaska, are the mosquitos! When I'm doing running intervals I almost hate taking the recovery break because once slowing down, the mosquitos immediately swarm you and start biting."

FIS Newsflash: If some musician in your Ipod could come to life during your training, who would it be?

Kikkan: "Lady Gaga is a person I would really like to meet. Her music is the perfect pump-up anthem for my training and she seems like a really unique and interesting individual. Maybe someday we'll cross paths."

FIS Newsflash: You have been training hard this summer. What is your vision for next season?

Kikkan: "Next season I am looking forward to chasing after the Sprint overall title again, going for a medal at the World Championships in Val di Fiemme (ITA), and continuing to improve my consistency across all events. There is no magic needed at this point in my career, just working on improving small things and staying happy while being away from home all winter."