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Rollerskiing San Bernardo Pass

Thu, Dec  7, 2006 - By Pete Vordenberg -

Tour and Giro route on rollerskis...

tt entroll aj 1.jpg

AJ and Chamberlain on the lower switchbacks (tornante).  Both days we did workouts here the Canadian team was also rollerskiing here.  I guess both the Tour De France and Giro De Italia have stages that have gone over this pass.

tt entroll grover vid.jpg

Chris Grover taking video of Chris Cook in an interval session (4 x 6mins, 8 to 10mmol) as we follow the skiers up the pass.

tt entroll dark tunnel.jpg

Can you find the rollerskier in this photo?  Yikes.

tt entroll d chamberlain.jpg

Dave Chamberlain (last year's overall super tour winner gets to go to the early season World Cups) doing threshold intervals on the pass.

tt entroll aj tunnel.jpg

Another tunnel.  This pass takes off below Courmeyeur (Pre Saint Didier) and cruises up over the San Bernardo pass into France.


tt entroll x blur.jpg

tt entroll x la thuile.jpg

We rolled intervals right through town.  Station D'hiver...r i g h t...

tt entroll x over la thuile.jpg

Cook above La Thuile.

tt entrol ccook.jpg


tt entroll a newell.jpg


tt entroll t koos 2.jpg

Torin Koos - classical sprints.

tt entroll t koos 1.jpg

Koos near the end of the ski.


Went for a ski yesterday here at Soldier Hollow with Andrew and Kris.  The skiing was perfect and the crew at SoHo set us up with a waxing cabin and the always standing offer to help us out - Thanks guys - and thanks for the great skiing.

The F.I.S says that the Cogne World Cup is on - a shortened version and no longer a pursuit.  If the race really does happen it will be hard to watch being over here, but the training is going great and there is no looking back.

(Vordenberg Images)

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