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Huge Turnout for Yellowstone Ski Festival!

Tue, Nov  28, 2006 - By Curt Peterson

More pictures from Yellowstone.
Clearly this was the largest ever attended West Yellowstone Festival.  Families, lots of master skiers, fall ski camp participants, high school racers, college racers, and open class skiers all showed up in record numbers.  The conditions were warm this year with 3 days having temps reach low 40's in the afternoon.  Yet conditions remainded good to excellent with no problems using good skis.  A 4 inch snow storm on Thur over a 2 hour time period put conditions back to excellent and winter conditions. 

From the pictures you can see the range of skiers:
Ten and Eleven year old Hazel Harvey and Kyla Richardson, while not the youngest skiers present sure looked quite accomplished. 
Ben Lund, a former junior Mich Cup winner was there helping man the Toko Tech demo tent. 
Don Camp participates most every year as a teacher for the Fall Camp.  He is pictured with his group on last Thur just after the storm rolled thru. 
On this past Saturday, the Super Tour Classic occurred with perfect conditions.  The CXC concept is really working.  In women's, they had 2 in the first 6 positions (Catlin Compton-2nd, and Laura Valaas 6th) and in men's, Garrott Kuzzy in 3rd. 

Next year we are considering Michigan Cup Nordic group for lodging considerations with group rates.  Details forthcoming...

Regards,  Curt Peterson