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TART Grooming Badge

Sun, Nov  26, 2006 - By TART Trails

TART Trails Grooming Pass
TART Trails will again be grooming the Vasa Pathway and the Leelanau Trail this winter. You can help offset the cost of grooming by purchasing a seasonal TART Trail grooming badge.
While TART does not, and will not require a pass to use any of their trails, wearing your grooming badge around town and while you are on the trail will show everyone that you support grooming. A seasonal badge is available for a donation of $100. Badges are now available from TART by calling the TART office at (231) 941-4300. They are also available on the TART website @
Timber Ridge Annual Ski Pass
The Timber Ridge RV and Recreation Resort is the beautiful home of the North American Vasa. Many skiers enjoy their excellent groomed and lighted trails during the season as well as the warmth and amenities of the main lodge. Their season’s pass for this ski season are $99 for an individual pass and $159 for a couple (children can be added at $12 each.) Contact Timber Ridge at (231) 947-2770.