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No Rollerski Ski Technique Clinic on Sunday

Sat, Nov  11, 2006 - By Hugh Pritchard

Dear all,

It looks like there will be skiing at Forbush Corner tomorrow, so that is where we are heading. We have a car-full leaving Brighton at 6.30 (Julie and me, Muha and Kuhl) and hope to be skiing by 9.30.
I will be very happy to work with anyone who makes it up there. My own preference is to classic at this stage of the season, but the forecast is for warm temperatures, so I don't know how practical that will be.

In any case, what I would say to anyone about classic skiing for the first ski of the season would take no more than a minute ('stride without poles'), so we could do some stuff on skating.

My apologies to those who miss out.

I will be away the following two Sundays (19th and 26th), so unless a substitute volunteers there will be no sessions then. Next one, then, on 3 December, either at Kensington or somewhere with snow.