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Forbush May Open on Sunday

Fri, Nov  10, 2006 - By Dave Forbush

Friday, November 10, 2006, 8:01pm

Greeting from the Corner!

Lots of new things to show you for this season. Two trail changes. A small addition to Rollercoaster will be a new loop shortly after the start. Hilly and thru the younger pines it will add shades of the old Back Forty trail to the system. The East side of Pancake has been moved into the trees. Nice improvement that will provide more shelter to the trail.

MADSHUS is the big news. The inventory is slowly building. Moveable bindings, cera bases, computer molded and a true cap ski – the best ski in the world. Wait until you see the new boots and poles.

Now the latest….SNOW….up to 9 inches is predicted for tonight. I’m not sure what to make it. The ground is still quite warm but 9 inches is significant and we quite often start skiing before the ground is frozen.  I suspect that Saturday, tomorrow, will be skiable at least in the morning for the stalwart skiers willing to make their own track in the new fallen snow.  However if we get a chance to work on it Saturday morning and Saturday night, we could have some decent shallow track early season skiing for Sunday. At this point, we just have to wait and see. Sounds encouraging tho.

Looking forward to your visit!

See for the latest.