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CCSS and Hanson Hills Co-Sponsor MI Cup Team

Thu, Nov  2, 2006 - By Cris Jones

Starting this year, the Cross Country Ski Shop ski team will be co-sponsored by the Cross Country Ski Shop and Hanson Hills Recreation Area. Hanson Hills which offers and outstanding trails system with excellent grooming will join forces with the Cross Country Ski Shop and “skis that fit”.

The team will be open to current Cross Country Ski Shop team members and others who have an interest in competing in Michigan Cup events. Various team events such as team training nights will be scheduled and discounted season passes will be available to team members. The team is open to serious racers as well as people who just want to improve their cross country skiing ability.

For more information regarding the cross country ski team, contact Hanson Hills at 989-348-9266 or or Cris Jones at 989-275-6247

Dick Fultz, Cross Country Ski Shop
Justin Andre, Director, Hanson Hills

Cross Country Ski Shop / Hanson Hills Membership Registration Form