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Wild Woods Loppet

9:30 AM
Wildwood Pathway, West parking lot, between Petoskey and Indian River on Wildwood Road

Help raise funds for new grooming equipment for Wildwood Hills Pathway, while being challenged to ski a longer distance than you normally take on during an average day in the woods! Enjoy groomed classic cross-country ski trails in the company of other supporters. Ski, have fun and help the Friends of Wildwood Pathway and the Top of Michigan Trails Council raise money to provide new grooming equipment. Michigan Department of Natural Resources runs the groomer on the trails but the Friends of Wildwood pays for that grooming and WE NEED YOUR HELP!

A non-competitive classic ski event on freshly groomed trails Challenge yourself with an 11, 9 or 6 mile ski route, Lunch, aid stations, wild things, a costume contest and prizes.

Yes, there will be a Wild Thing costume contest, so be creative and amaze us! As you ski, search for Wild Things and wild challenges along the trail. There will be aid stations where you can rest and refresh with warm drinks and snacks. Remember, this is not a race!

Wildwood Hills Pathway, West Parking Lot (Between Petoskey and Indian River on Wildwood Road).

Skiing: 9:30-1:00 (start between 9:30 and 11:00)
Lunch: 1:00 – 3:00 @ Indian River Golf Club
Prizes: 2:30