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Paella on the Sun Deck

1:00 PM
Cross Country Ski Headquarters, Roscommon, MI

A favorite XC Ski HQ tradition, Paella on the Sun Deck celebrates the world-renowned and absolutely delicious rice dish that originates in Spain, and offers skiers a hearty, flavorful (and entertaining!) feast. Bob and Lynne learned the method from Paella chef master Ayo while visiting Nerja, Spain, and are excited to serve this traditional dish to hungry skiers at XC Ski HQ. Prepared in a massive cast iron pan over an outdoor fire pit, this lunch is almost as enjoyable to watch being cooked as it is to eat! Served piping hot with Saffron-spiced chicken, shrimp and vegetables, this dish will be presented in two seatings: 1:00pm and 3:00pm. Buen Provecho!