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Huron Meadows Groomer Appreciation Party

12:00 PM
Huron Meadows Metropark, Bright, MI

Greetings fellow skiers and winter sports fan. Here are the details on the Huron Meadows end of season/groomer appreciation/snow making gratitude party:

WHEN: Saturday, March 17th at noon

WHERE: Huron Meadows MetroPark clubhouse (Metropark pass is required!)

WHO: Anyone who wants to come

WHY: Chance to get together at the end of the season and say thank you to folks who:

  • Did the grooming
  • Made the snow
  • Skied on the snow and tried their best to look good doing it.


  1. Show up.
  2. Bring something to eat or drink to share (no alcohol may be brought into the park).
  3. Let us know if you’re coming, send e-mail to If you don’t RSVP you can still come, but you have to clean the bathrooms at the end of the day.

MISC: Amy and I will provide many pizzas, mostly veggie, salads, and non alcoholic drink, but not enough to feed and quench the thirst of many hungry skiers, so try to bring something.

BUY YOUR WAY OUT OF DOING ANYTHING: If you want to attend but can’t or don’t feel like bringing anything give us $5 (U.S. Currency*) each for yourself and anyone you bring with you and all is forgiven. (*I have to specify U.S. currency because there’s always that one joker).

SKIING: Check the trail reports on Bucks Run is currently primed for skiing and the forecast looks good for a long way out. No guarantees, but it would be a rare opportunity to ski the day of the party.

Hope to see you on the 17th.

Ken Roth
Amy Kostrzewa