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CXC/Wayne Fish Coaches Conference

10:00 AM
Lakewoods Resort, Cable (WI)
The guest speakers for this years CXC/Wayne Fish Coaches Conference presented by Podiumwear are Olympic and World Cup skier and current Canadian National Team Coach Ivan Babikov, Pamela Lemons, US Ski & Snowboard Olympic Sports Psychology Consultant, Ben Siefert from HKD Snowmakers and Jim Tervo, who is a current FIS Official.

The event will also offer the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Level 100 and 200 Coaches Certification.

Presenter Topics

Ivan Babikov: "Canadian Training Model and Philosophy, Coaching, Technique and Strength Topics"

Dr. Pamela Lemons, CMPC: "Top 10 Guiding Principles for Mental Training"

Jim Tervo: "Rural application and appropriate sanctioning for different types of races. Lines of communication between race organizers and coaches/officials"

Ben Siefert: "Snowmaking for XC Trails"

Bryan Fish, U.S. Ski Team Development Coach: CXC/USSA Level 200 Presentation and Certification; Classic and Skate Technique Presentations

Dr. Jim Mullen, MD at the Marshfield Clinic and Head Junior Coach at Lakeland Nordic Ski Team: CXC/USSA Level 100 Presentation and Certification

Jonathan Stone, American Heart Association Instructor and Avid Cross Country Skier: First Aid and CPR Course

LEVEL 100 CERTIFICATION is recommended for coaches working with all ages and levels of cross country skiers. It is designed for the coach to learn the fundamentals for effective coaching in cross country skiing and to demonstrate basic knowledge in these areas.

LEVEL 200 CERTIFICATION focuses primarily on physiology and training methods for developing cross country skiers, while giving coaches more tools to teach effectively and to prepare their athletes for competition. The Level 200 education track consists of a coaching manual with contributions from over fifteen different authors who are experts in the various domains of the course. The manual also covers the coaching principles content that previously was delivered through the American Sport Education Program (ASEP). The new Level 200 is delivered through in person clinics by certain regional governing bodies, this is the recommended method for the certification. For those coaches who do not have an in person clinic in their area, the content can be studied online.