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North American Vasa Classic

8:00 AM
Timber Ridge Resort, Traverse City, MI

Classic events will include:

34km Lombard Loppet
16km Chemical Bank Classic
6km classic race
6km classic fun tour

The challenging courses will capture the rich heritage of traditional cross-country skiing at its finest. The trail will be carefully groomed and double-tracked to provide kick-and-gliders the opportunity to test their skills while enjoying the breath-taking beauty of the Vasa Pathway.

6km Classic Race

The 6km classic race on Sunday is designated for all boys and girls including high school racers. Please note: skiers over age 19 may participate in the 6km race. Given the small number of those over 19 in these races, only the younger racers will be recognized with awards.

Michigan Cup Scoring

Sunday's 16km classic race will count for full Michigan Cup points, and the 34km classic race will count for partial Michigan Cup points.