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Michigan Cup Relays (UPDATED)

11:00 AM
Cross Country Ski Headquarters, Roscommon, MI

A Michigan Cup Relay Race with 3 skiers per team: 2 legs freestyle, one leg classic; approximately 8km per leg for freestyle and classic. Registration starts at 9:30am. Relays start at 11am. Entry Fee is $20 per racer. All entrees score Team Points. If you do not have a team but would still like to ski, we will try to find a team for you. Registration fee includes refreshments (some teams bring special refreshments), Pulled Pork sandwiches served on a sourdough roll, potatoes, and fresh baked chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies for dessert. Each racer will also receive an official 2015 Michigan Cup Pint Glass!

UPDATE: Registration form (PDF)

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