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In the last year:
1.5 million visitors
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Online since November of 2001, delivers a combination of unique and third-party content. Although some of the race and trail content focus on Michigan and the surrounding states, much of the content is of interest to skiers everywhere. In fact, select content has been republished by permission in the "The Master Skier" magazine and AXCS "XC Ski Digest".

Michigan Cup Race Series: is home to the Michigan Cup, an annual series of 20 or more cross country ski races. All news, rules, and results from the Michigan Cup appear exclusively on

Racing Tips, Stories, and Results: provides race entry forms, registration links, weather forecasts, breaking news, results, racer stories and photos. The site also provide unique tips to the average racer.

Racer Diary: The day-to-day training log and diary of Mike Muha describes the juggling of work, family, training and racing of a typical master skier.

Training: Tips, techniques and advice on how to train and compete at higher level. Because sponsors training clinics and skier video analysis sessions with leading coaches, we report on cutting edge technique and training.

Photo Galleries: The site has an extensive and growing collection of images from races, rollerskiing, and dryland training.

Trails and Trail Conditions: A comprehensive list a trails in Michigan and the surrounding area, trail reviews, plus skier reports of trail conditions. Skiers can search for trails by city, name, or type of grooming (classic or skating).

Rollerskiing: The most comprehensive set of rollerski reviews in the US, plus extensive coverage of rollerskiing including where to rollerski, rollerski trail reviews, and rollerski tips.

Gear Reviews and Tips: Reviews of ski and rollerski equipment, books, and training materials, waxing tips, industry news, plus do-it-yourself projects like building a roller board.

Comprehensive Calendar: The most complete list of cross country ski events of interest to Great Lake skiers, including races, tours, training sessions, training camps and clinics, and meetings. 

NordicSkiRacer Forum: Have a question about an upcoming event? Curious about new gear on the market? Have a training or technique question? Need to sell some equipment? This is the online forum cross country skiers go to to talk shop.

Customer Reach

Here's site traffic for the trailing 12-month period: 

Month Page Views Unique
2010 May 353,381 101,488
Jun 306,264 98,069
Jul 248,526 104,217
 Aug 354,482 99,562
Sep 360,052 96,935
Oct 422,002 108,679
Nov 506,960 123,924
Dec 633,995 148,480
2011 Jan 878,436 177,724
Feb 714,396 168,376
Mar 687,913 153,591
Apr 614,262 129,111
Total   6,080,669        1,510,156

The audience does more than just ski. They rollerski, run, bike, paddle, hike, strength train, camp, travel - this is an active group of people!

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