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Although I had created a little Palm Pilot database to record training sessions, I wanted to create a web-based version of my training log. It would reside on my home PC, and I could access it from anywhere on the Internet because I had "always on" DSL into my home.

I started adding training information so I could keep track of it. Then I started writing about my training because it kept me focused on my goals.

At the same time, I was increasingly frustrated with the lack of information available for the typical Michigan nordic ski racer. Where do we rollerski when we go on vacation? What are trail and weather conditions? Why does the Michigan Cup site have so many pop-up ads? Why does someone have to go to a zillion different sites to find Michigan-related race information?

The result? This web site. is an attempt to share training and racing information with other "real-life" nordic ski racers, and to consolidate information interesting to Michigan racers.

Mike Muha